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Sludge in your system!

Updated: Feb 22

Did you know that sludge in your system is the number one cause of boiler breakdowns?!

Imagine never getting your oil changed on you car/van/vehicle. Imagine the same oil going round and round your engine for years. 

It's the same with your heating system! Why would you never flush it all out with chemical's and refill with clean healthy water?

Why is this so important?… quite frankly, to save you forking out for expensive repairs or even a new boiler way before you needed to. 

Take a look at how we look after your system with the Adey mechanical flush machinery we have invested in. 

Helping us to help you! 

If you would at least like to get your water tested by RTS get in touch. We would be happy to see how healthy your system actually is! 

How To De Sludge Your Heating System...

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