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Boiler Installations - 2 Years Interest Free Credit Available - Ts & Cs Apply

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Boiler Servicing

Welcome to RTS Heating Solutions, where we believe that servicing your boiler is not just a maintenance task—it's a fundamental step towards ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your heating system.

Why Service Your Boiler with RTS?

Explore the essential reasons for boiler servicing and how RTS Heating Solutions in Darlington stands out in providing unparalleled benefits.

1. Safety First:

Boiler servicing is paramount for safety. Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers conduct thorough inspections, identifying and addressing potential safety issues before they escalate. Trust RTS for a secure heating environment in your home.

2. Prolonging Lifespan:

Regular servicing is akin to giving your boiler a health check. RTS Heating Solutions ensures that your boiler operates optimally, reducing wear and tear and prolonging its lifespan. Maximise your investment with routine care.

3. Preventing Breakdowns:

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to a sudden boiler breakdown. Our proactive approach during servicing helps identify and rectify issues before they turn into emergencies, providing peace of mind and saving you from unexpected expenses.

4. Optimising Energy Efficiency:

A well-maintained boiler operates more efficiently, translating into energy savings and lower utility bills. RTS Heating Solutions focuses on optimising your boiler's performance, contributing to a greener and more cost-effective home.

5. Preserving Manufacturer Warranties:

Many manufacturers require regular servicing to maintain warranties. RTS ensures your boiler adheres to these conditions, preserving warranties and protecting your investment in a new heating system.


Service Cost:

A comprehensive boiler service by our Gas Safe engineers is priced at £90 +VAT within Darlington and local areas.

How to Book:

Ensure the longevity of your boiler—book an appointment with our Gas Safe engineers for annual servicing.

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Book Your Boiler Service Today

Discover the essential benefits of servicing your boiler with RTS Heating Solutions. Book your boiler service today, ensuring a safe, efficient, and reliable heating system in your home.

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